Friday, February 22, 2013


Community is defined as a group of people that live in with one another with common interests. I like to configure the word into common-unity. God didn't accidentally create people that have common interests. We were made to be in community with each other. God knew that Adam was going to be lonely not long after he created the perfect world for him.

The majority of us know that story, but what if God didn't create others with common interests. What would the world be like? I actually can't even think of a good example of what the world would be or look like. Our common interests are what bring us together in common-unity. They are what brought us together with our elementary BFF, college buddies, and our significant other. These interest range from sports, to fashion, to PTA, and even our jobs.

The relationships that are made with these friends or co-workers can be used for God Kingdom. I have learned that it is much easier to connect with a new friend, and eventually explain your love for Christ, when you both have a common interest. But this system has become too much of a rhythm for most of us. We forget what the end goal is; to plant a seed for Christ to work in their life. We get so bogged into worrying about what the other person will think of us or if we will get another moment to reconcile the relationship. But wouldn't you rather be confident you planted a seed that God could water, rather than not planting a seed?

There have been so many times in college when I will make friends in class but by the end of the semester I wonder if I planted a seed or influenced them to grow in their faith. These classroom-friendships only last for a semester and I usually don't see these people again. If I would spend more time trying to plant a seed, I wouldn't have to worry about if they gave their life to Christ.

So I conclude with this:
What does your community look like? What are you doing to plant a seed? If you aren't trying to plant a seed, then what fear are keeping you from doing so?
God created us to live in community with one another. Give Him glory and use these friendships to grow His community. God just needs us to be his body, He has the green thumb!


Friday, January 25, 2013

His Vastness

This is just one of the famous West Texas sunsets I get to witness. I love taking time to look at the these beautiful sunsets. The sky is filled with every color imaginable and you know no human could have made it. These sunsets sclience that world remind me of God's vastness. I see these colors to be His unending grace that flows over me. Where would we be with out this grace that God sent through the ressurection for us? Bluntly, life would suck. Without Jesus for taking this fall we would live a life of sacrafice for our sins. But because of Jesus' bloodshed we now can simply look up and repent of our sins. He tosses our sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). This alone makes me want to exalt and praise Him more! What a gracious God we call our Dad. No words can ever describe Him, we can only be in awe.

I pray that I we all can recognize God's gracious hands. All that we are and all that we know is in your hands. Thank you God for sending your Son so that I may know you; you saved me. Continue to shape me and mold me to your ways. I am your's, take me away. Through your Son, Amen.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Tightrope

As Christians we have to live a life on a tightrope. This figurative tightrope is a place where we get to make decisions; to look down or look ahead. When we look down we see how far the fall is, we see how bad it would hurt if we slipped, and we possibly see our final resting place. I do this so often while walking on my tightrope called college. I worry about my grades, friendships, and God's plan. I worry about being a successful student and understanding the material so that I can pass the info to my future students. I am afraid I will not be diligent enough to have valuable friendships; especially my relationship with my girlfriend. Ultimately, trusting God's plan. It is so hard thing not to worry about my future when I cannot make my own path. But then I got woken up yesterday.

[For Christmas this past year my girlfriend (Sarah) go me a daily devotional called Jesus Calling, written by Sarah Young (not to be confused with my gf). It is devotional that Young has written to be the voice of God. It has been great for me so far and each devotional usually pertains to that day's struggles. I recommend this for all ages and stages of life!]

This particular day was about "weaning on God and from other dependancies...and depend only on Me." This tightrope of trusting God is hard to walk, like I've stated, but this when I have to remember to look ahead. Looking ahead I see the trustworthy, loving God that I gave my heart to years ago. I have to remember that my worldly dependancies only give me more struggles.  Even if I make a bad decision (slip) and suffer the consequences (falling), God will catch me with his safety net so that I may glorify Him.


The First One

Hello All,

Seeing the world through other's eyes is something that I have always wanted do. I have always wondered what others see and how they interpret it. So I thought I would put my sights and interpretations into words for others to read.

First some background.
Growing up in a small town in Texas life was pretty easy. The small town life can be pretty slow and boring for some, but those are the one's who don't embrace it. I grew up in a loving household consisting of 2 magnificent parents and 2 fun siblings. I also have an adventurous brother-in-law and a lovely girlfriend; both of 3 years. All in all, I couldn't ask for anything more in a family!

Going to school with 76 other students I got to partcipate in just about every extracirruclular activity; tennis, band, spanish club etc. I was busy but what else do you do in a small town. After graduating I decided to attend Texas Tech University where I entered as a Civil Engineering major. Through some regretful decisions, the conformation of friendships and the testing of my faith, I eventually found God's plan for myself; to be an educator.

And that's where we stand folks. This is where the journey begins. Wish me luck!