Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Tightrope

As Christians we have to live a life on a tightrope. This figurative tightrope is a place where we get to make decisions; to look down or look ahead. When we look down we see how far the fall is, we see how bad it would hurt if we slipped, and we possibly see our final resting place. I do this so often while walking on my tightrope called college. I worry about my grades, friendships, and God's plan. I worry about being a successful student and understanding the material so that I can pass the info to my future students. I am afraid I will not be diligent enough to have valuable friendships; especially my relationship with my girlfriend. Ultimately, trusting God's plan. It is so hard thing not to worry about my future when I cannot make my own path. But then I got woken up yesterday.

[For Christmas this past year my girlfriend (Sarah) go me a daily devotional called Jesus Calling, written by Sarah Young (not to be confused with my gf). It is devotional that Young has written to be the voice of God. It has been great for me so far and each devotional usually pertains to that day's struggles. I recommend this for all ages and stages of life!]

This particular day was about "weaning on God and from other dependancies...and depend only on Me." This tightrope of trusting God is hard to walk, like I've stated, but this when I have to remember to look ahead. Looking ahead I see the trustworthy, loving God that I gave my heart to years ago. I have to remember that my worldly dependancies only give me more struggles.  Even if I make a bad decision (slip) and suffer the consequences (falling), God will catch me with his safety net so that I may glorify Him.


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  1. Bro, that was a great post. Also know that Jesus has already taken the fall for us. So when we look down, we see His safety net of amazing and offensive grace! We can never lose that safety net or do enough to earn it. Keep it up bro! Christ being the center is key!