Friday, January 25, 2013

His Vastness

This is just one of the famous West Texas sunsets I get to witness. I love taking time to look at the these beautiful sunsets. The sky is filled with every color imaginable and you know no human could have made it. These sunsets sclience that world remind me of God's vastness. I see these colors to be His unending grace that flows over me. Where would we be with out this grace that God sent through the ressurection for us? Bluntly, life would suck. Without Jesus for taking this fall we would live a life of sacrafice for our sins. But because of Jesus' bloodshed we now can simply look up and repent of our sins. He tosses our sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). This alone makes me want to exalt and praise Him more! What a gracious God we call our Dad. No words can ever describe Him, we can only be in awe.

I pray that I we all can recognize God's gracious hands. All that we are and all that we know is in your hands. Thank you God for sending your Son so that I may know you; you saved me. Continue to shape me and mold me to your ways. I am your's, take me away. Through your Son, Amen.


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